A to Z Monsters

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Teach your kids alphabets the fun way with 26 different monsters!Touch,swipe and watch these
crazy monsters teach the alphabet with crazy animations to match!

*** “Oh! It’s fantastic! I think it’s really useful and funny!”
-Languages Corner,Ana
*** ” My students would absolutely love it! I love the concept, animation..”
– Digital Divide and Conquer, Matt
*** “The snapshots and trailers look great! I have some Kindergarten students who don’t know their letters and could use some engaging practice like this”
-All Things Elementary

A to Z Monsters is a quirky app which teaches children the alphabet through some very crazy Monsters. Watch as a bunch of monsters teach you the alphabet! The first step is to release them and watch them go crazy.
Next, you catch them. These fun monsters are wacky and entertaining, keeping the young learner engaged and interested in learning the alphabet. Are you ready to meet Mr. Clone, Mr. Angry, Mr. Bomb and 23 other mad monsters.


What’s New

Optimised UI for iOS 13.

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