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Celestial Dynamics AG
12.0 or later


For thousands of years, humans have gazed at the sky, deciphering the passage of time and experiencing a cosmic connection with the heavens. The Cosmic Watch aims to revive this ancient bond and offers the essential tools for navigating the sky.

Key Features:
• Three perspectives: sky, Earth, and solar system
• Unique app showcasing the celestial sphere concept
• Planetarium with star maps, constellations, and events
• Augmented reality for interactive sky exploration
• High-resolution Earth globe with day and night cycles
• Interactive astronomical and world clocks
• Visualized natal charts: western, Vedic, true sidereal
• Comprehensive representation of retrogrades
• Geocentric and Heliocentric solar system views
• Celestial navigation guides for sky orientation
• Educational layers for insights into celestial phenomena

Use it as your daily clock to effortlessly observe planets and celestial events. Stay connected to the cosmos, navigate the night sky, and access instant time information for any place in the world.

Discover constellations, stars, and planets in augmented reality, deepening your knowledge and appreciation of the celestial realm. Cosmic Watch demystifies complex celestial motions and enhances your understanding of their connection to daily life. Stay in sync with the cosmos through notifications for important astronomical events.

It provides a fresh perspective on astrology, allowing you to witness retrograde motion and discover your true zodiac constellation.

Experience the awe-inspiring “overview effect,” reminding you of Earth’s beauty and interconnectedness.

Cosmic Watch seamlessly blends education, entertainment, and visual delight in a user-friendly interface. Embracing the history of timekeeping, astrology, and astronomy, it provides a harmonious blend of ancient wisdom and modern technology.

Recognized with awards and accolades, including the WEBBY AWARD for Best Educational App, Cosmic Watch is a must-have for nature lovers, astronomers, and anyone fascinated by the wonders of the celestial vault.

Embark on a cosmic journey and let the celestial rhythm become part of your daily life with Cosmic Watch.

You get a fully functional app: Not a widget, not a smart watch app, no in App Purchases or subscriptions, no data collected

Feedback or assistance: [email protected].
User guide:

The celestial voyage awaits—embrace the cosmic rhythm with Cosmic Watch!

  • Cosmic-Watch Screenshots

  • Cosmic-Watch Screenshots

  • Cosmic-Watch Screenshots

  • Cosmic-Watch Screenshots

  • Cosmic-Watch Screenshots

  • Cosmic-Watch Screenshots

  • Cosmic-Watch Screenshots

  • Cosmic-Watch Screenshots

  • Cosmic-Watch Screenshots

  • Cosmic-Watch Screenshots
  • What’s New

    New features and enhancements in Cosmic Watch 2.7:

    • Zoom out for the awe-inspiring overview effect.

    • Save custom locations with latitude and longitude.

    • Display geographical coordinates (Lat/Lon) on Earth.

    • Improved weekday visualization.

    • Tap events to navigate to specific times.

    • Access the Sidereal Clock for astronomers.

    • Adjust touch sensitivity in advanced settings.

    • Seamlessly reverse time acceleration.

    • Galaxy Center labeled for clarity.

    • Astrological enhancements, including Ascendant and Retrogrades.

    • Ophiuchus added to Zodiac Constellations.

    • Plus, various improvements and fixes.

    Preview features in advanced settings:

    • Near-Real-time clouds with Earth’s dynamic atmosphere.

    • Save a specific date for time control.

    Update to Cosmic Watch 2.7 and expand your horizons today.


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