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important features of a good IB Chemistry resource.
As a student, you need all the important information in one place,

We are providing the following in our app:
1. 360+ pages of content-rich, summarized pages.
2. Every page contains one objective only, with an examiner’s tip and difficulty level indicator.
3. Full IB Chemistry definitions sections. Needed for every student who aims for a level 7!

The following topics are thoroughly covered:


1. Stoichiometric relationships
2. Atomic structure
3. Periodicity
4. Chemical bonding and structure
5. Energetics/thermochemistry
6. Chemical kinetics
7. Equilibrium
8. Acids and Bases
9. Redox processes
10. Organic chemistry
11. Measurement and data processing
D. Medicinal Chemistry SL

Additional higher level (AHL)

12. Atomic structure
13. The periodic table—the transition metals
14. Chemical bonding and structure
15. Energetics/thermochemistry
16. Chemical kinetics
17. Equilibrium
18. Acids and Bases
19. Redox processes
20. Organic chemistry
21. Measurement and analysis
D. Medicinal Chemistry HL

With 20+ years of experience, we know what students need, and we know how to deliver the course in the easiest way.

It is the time for chemistry studying to be FUN again!


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