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Want to learn everything about Redstone in Minecraft?
With more than 1300 screenshots in well more than 250 instructions this app is perfect for learning everything from all fascinating areas of redstone.

Download now and become a Redstone pro and make your friends jealous with your automatic machines and farms!
You’ll be the hero of all servers!

Get the famous 5-stars-rated App!

the instructions are subdivided in different categories:
• redstone library
• basic mechanisms
• transportation
• farming
• doors & portals
• house components
• adventure-map building
• defence & cannons
• command-block
• logic gates
• computer
• signal techniques
• games

You’re also able to download even more content frequently in “downloads” category of this app.

Overall you can learn anything about automatic doors, farms, sorting machines, secret hiding places, sensors, displays, printers, traps, TNT cannons, transportation, communication, elevators, signal analysis, adventure maps…and even learn how to build a binary calculator!

Both instructions for beginners and for seasoned players are provided with this app – so this is perfectly suitable for any Minecraft player!

This app does also contain a full library with all minecraft redstone items and shows how to craft them.


What’s New

– Resolves an issue where the favorites table is not refreshed when a new favorite is added.
– Resolves an issue on iOS 12 where a white background would be displayed on instructions, resulting in unreadable instructions.

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    Price: $3.49

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