Our Planet Earth

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“Our Planet Earth” gives a chance to observe animals in nature and learn some facts about popular landmarks.

There are 5 animals on each continent, totally 35 animals in our application for now. Choose a continent from the map and see the list of animals which are belong to selected continent.

You can hear real sounds in nature of almost all animals in “Our Planet Earth” app. Also, you can find the facts list about animals by diet, mass, speed and lifespan. All animal pictures appear in the highest quality, so you have the chance to see the real appearances of animals in nature.

After exploring animals of seven continents, you can discover gorgeous landmarks around the world. There are 8 popular landmarks in this version for now. You can view the pictures and have knowledge about these landmarks.

“Our Planet Earth” app is an entertaining and educational way to discover our world. You can get this application and start a fun discovery.


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