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Finally, the simple and quick to-do app for school: School Load.

We got tired of planner apps forgetting that instructors talk fast…too fast sometimes. Us students don’t have time to fill out 20 different fields just to add a quick assignment to our planner. That’s where School Load comes in.

Add necessities now, details later:
-All you need to add a new to-do is the course it’s for, and a due date. That’s it!
-If you’d like, you can go back later and add notes to your to-dos when you have the time.

Easy on the eyes:
-Your to-dos are sorted by due date, and smart labels indicate if a to-do is due today, tomorrow, or if it’s past due.
-Too much info? Easily view to-dos by course, so you can focus on one course at a time if that’s your thing.

Utilize that iPad
-Of course, School Load syncs all of your to-dos in real-time across your iPhone and iPad, so your schedule is with you at all times.

You’ll get a grip on your assignments in no time once you start adding to-dos to School Load. Use your iPad as your planner? No biggie. Download School Load’s iPad app to manage your to-dos and view them on the go with your iPhone.

School Load: Made by a student with too much time on his hands.


What’s New

Updated to support iOS 14
Minor bug fixes

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    Price: $1.69

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