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SIMO is a full-featured MATLAB programming environment.

It suitable for college students, college instructors, and users who want to run simple MATLAB codes on iOS. Any individual who wants to do scientific computation on iOS devices or Apple Silicon Macs should definitely check it out.

[+] What SIMO is

– It is an integrated environment for numerical computation.
– It adopts the same syntax as MATLAB and Octave. Scripts created on SIMO runs on MATLAB and Octave as well.
– It allows you to create, edit, and run simple MATLAB codes locally on all iOS devices.
– Unlike other apps that do computation on the cloud, it performs computation entirely locally on device. No internet connection is needed. You don’t miss a single app feature even if you are offline.

[+] What SIMO isn’t

– It does not completely replace MATLAB, as it has only a subset of built-in functions of MATLAB.
– It does not support advanced features such as Simulink or creating user-interface.

[+] Some useful features:

– Users can create, edit, and manage scripts.
– Users can store scripts on device locally, or on their iCloud Drives.
– Built-in, full-fledged script editor.
– Built-in plotting environment for 2D and 3D data visualisation, supporting multi-touch gesture for zoom, pan, and rotation.

[+] What can I do with SIMO?

– Create and edit code with a full-fledged script editor;
– Type code quickly using the app’s custom keyboard;
– Replace the custom keyboard with your own hardware keyboard;
– Perform vector and matrix computation;
– Generate 2D and 3D plots;
– Zoom, pan, and rotate plots with multi-touch gestures;
– Define variables;
– Execute loops (for-loop, while-loop);
– Use if-else, and switch statements;
– Create scripts and user-defined functions;
– And much more. Visit our website to learn more.


What’s New

– Improved user experience on Apple Silicon Macs.
– Added keyboard shortcuts and trackpad/mouse (iPad and Mac only) support for zooming, panning and rotating plots.
– Bug fixes and improvements.

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