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As you know, verbs in English play a very important role. The composition of the entire sentence is built on the verbs. Incorrect use of a verb or its temporal form can affect the meaning and understanding of the entire sentence. A good knowledge of verbs and their forms will show your level of English. And, therefore, they are mandatory for beginners to learn English and people who have been learning English for a long time.

There is no such person who would not have a problem with learning English verbs. Everyone finds their own way of learning incorrect and English grammar. We are ready to offer you one of the most effective ways to learn English verbs. Our application has a unique technique. You will be able to learn verbs by reading books and interesting texts. And the variety of topics presented in our application will make reading truly fun and productive.

First you need to select the verbs you want to learn. You can select all the verbs at once or only those that you need. After that, you just have to choose an article or book to your like and start reading. Our algorithm will cut out verbs from the text, you also have to insert them in the right form.
By learning verbs in this way, you significantly improve the quality of your learning. Seeing verbs within sentences, you come across examples of the use of words. Additionally, you see phrasal verbs and memorize their use. This way you not only learn verbs, but also replenish your vocabulary. This way of learning verbs and English grammar is more effective than regular verb repetition.

Our app also contains a handy guide to the tenses of the English verb. You will be able to see the properties of the tenses of the verbs and their application in short form. This information is enough to systematize your knowledge. Beginners will be able to briefly study the tenses of the English verb so that they have a clear understanding of their use.

You can use our app for any level of your English. It will be useful for beginners to learn English, as it will be easy to remember many new verbs. Anyone who has an advanced level of English will be able to improve their knowledge.

Our application is convenient for self-study of English. You can also use it as a supplement in school, college or language courses. It will be useful for those preparing for international examinations in English.

Learn English verbs regularly with our app, improve your speaking and writing skills!

  • Verbs in English: Learn app Screenshots

  • Verbs in English: Learn app Screenshots

  • Verbs in English: Learn app Screenshots

  • Verbs in English: Learn app Screenshots

  • Verbs in English: Learn app Screenshots

  • Verbs in English: Learn app Screenshots
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