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PlaceChase ‘Secrets of the Met’ is your guide to the Metropolitan Museum of Art reimagined. Explore this iconic NYC institution on your time, at your pace, on your phone or tablet. Marvel at the backstory to some of the Museum’s greatest collections, the stories, scandals and only-in-New York drama behind the institution that the Met itself does not choose to share.

Meet the people that made this unique institution what it is, their ambitions and hubris, their triumphs and downfalls, the embarrassments, the fakes, the thefts and the denials. We give you stories of everything from archeologists who believed themselves reincarnated ancient figures to those who doubled as circus performers, and great artists who also happened to be great art thieves. Discover how the Met has flip-flopped, relentlessly pursuing some collections only to loose interest and shove them in the basement, how they literally tried to give others away, and how they never wanted some of the most popular at all.

The Met can describe the art itself, but let us tell you the stories behind it. Secrets of the Met gives you a flavor of the times, a glimpse into the chaotic worlds of the men and women who created the art and those who collected it. Who knew that French courtiers went around with dead birds in their hair or New York socialites with dead cats in theirs? Or that Jackie Kennedy was no fan or that Presidential candidates have graffiti-ed famous Met exhibits?

As you explore the collections, we offer 15 opportunities for a deep-dive. Experience them in their entirety, or dip into as whim dictates. You may enjoy them in any order, in one session or over time. Along the way you will be asked trivia questions related to each collections, that you may answer to score points if competition is your thing, or simply skip if you’re just interested in exploring the often overlooked nooks and crannies of this unique institution.

Once downloaded, neither an internet or GPS connection is required. We collect no data, there is no advertising and no in-app purchases. Downloading Secrets of the Met DOES NOT provide access to the Metropolitan Museum of Art – entrance fees and viewing hours apply.


  • PlaceChase Secrets of the Met
  • PlaceChase Secrets of the Met
  • PlaceChase Secrets of the Met
  • PlaceChase Secrets of the Met
  • PlaceChase Secrets of the Met
  • PlaceChase Secrets of the Met
  • PlaceChase Secrets of the Met
  • PlaceChase Secrets of the Met

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