Cityscapes: Sim Builder

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Welcome! You are a short helicopter ride away from becoming one of the most celebrated and admired city mayors of all time.

This is Cityscapes: Sim Builder! A brand new, sustainable take on classic city building games, and brought to you by veteran sim builders.


– Cityscapes will get you thinking. As Mayor you need to make meaningful decisions and build carefully thought out systems, so as to protect the health and happiness of your citizens.

– Citizens have basic needs of course – they need housing, jobs and shops, and a means to travel between them.

– Distance matters – industry and road traffic create pollution. It is important to think sustainably when building transportation networks.

– Citizens need utilities – power, clean water and garbage collection.

– And as their Mayor, you’ll quickly need to start strategizing about policing, education, fire safety and medical care. As your citizens develop more complex needs you’ll have to plan how to provide tranquil green spaces for them to unwind in.

– Have you got what it takes to make the right choices to develop a thriving metropolis?


– The City Pass is a monthly event that enables you to earn exclusive parks, buildings, landmarks and other special items. You progress in the pass by completing daily and weekly tasks.


– Raise your player level and unlock more cities to build in a variety of rich biomes.

– Get to unlock land parcels and discover natural curiosities hidden in the landscape. You can even build famous architectural landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty, giving your city indomitable style and instant attractiveness.


– Stunning 3D architecture and vistas will captivate your imagination as you watch your city grow. Collect diverse building blueprints approved for your unique city and be awed by the endless design possibilities.

::::: MEET

– Meet Anne Council who runs the city challenges but beware of May Grede CEO whose middle name is ‘Sabotage’. Friendly advisors such as Paula Powers and Frankie Flint are always there to help.

– And check in on your citizens who will keep you in the know with what life is like in your city. They will come to you with problems and make suggestions as to how to solve them. Be sure to listen to them, every citizen wants to feel heard.


– Choice matters when building a city of the future, one that is profitable, thriving and fully sustainable. Strategize about both environmental and social sustainability; reduce waste and pollution whilst also managing business impacts, both positive and negative on your citizens. Design cities in which your citizens want to live, happy and healthy side by side and feel as proud and fulfilled as they are!

  • Cityscapes: Sim Builder Screenshots
  • Cityscapes: Sim Builder Screenshots
  • Cityscapes: Sim Builder Screenshots
  • Cityscapes: Sim Builder Screenshots
  • Cityscapes: Sim Builder Screenshots
  • Cityscapes: Sim Builder Screenshots
  • Cityscapes: Sim Builder Screenshots
  • Cityscapes: Sim Builder Screenshots
  • Cityscapes: Sim Builder Screenshots
  • Cityscapes: Sim Builder Screenshots
  • What’s New

    Hey Mayors!

    New Content/Features

    – Play the game your way in Sandbox Mode
    — Choose from 3 preset settings or customize your settings the way you want.
    — Adjust Abandonment, Approval, Taxes, Projects and more.
    — Select custom policies to apply to your city.
    — New Sandbox Only map
    — Unlock all maps by progressing in the campaign.
    – Quickly customize your city with the bulk paint and bulldoze options in the building tray.
    – You can now choose the building model when placing a building with multiple visual options.
    — This is available when placing the building and also in the paint mode.

    General Improvements

    – New home screen layout to support sandbox mode.
    – Game will return to the building tray after tapping on a building when the tray is open.
    – Add a settings option to sort all earned buildings to the back of the building list.
    – Revamp the game’s local notifications to be more relevant and better scheduled.
    – Server update to ensure more stable trials scoring and server reliability.
    – Simplified the graphics settings screen.
    — Added a zoom setting and higher max zoom option.
    – Improve logic and messaging when a player is disconnected from GameCenter.


    – Adjust tuning for daily tasks to be easier to complete each day.
    – Increase the starting coins to 100k from 50k to make the first few city levels easier.
    – Adjust pacing on abandonment bubbles to ensure there is more time between issues.

    Bug Fixes

    – Various fixes to improve save syncing across devices.
    – Fix support for Nimbus+ controllers.
    – Fix issue that prevented Chapter 2 of the story from playing.
    – Fix issues with cars pointing in the wrong directions.
    – Fix issue with wrong bubble image showing up
    – Fix issue where buildings are not immediately refunded after a trial ends.
    – Various fixes for Right to Left text displays in game.
    – Various building visual fixes.


    Playstack Ltd
    13.5 or later



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