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Trailer is available on YouTube – https://youtu.be/os6MvOJZcw0

EyeLand is live with Augmented Reality on a mission mobile game. This is published by a team named AoDI – Art of Digital Intelligence.

With creativity EyeLand is trying to change the monotonous practice of gaming in the entertainment world. AoDI wants the today’s generations to play games in mobile devices with sophisticated technologies but within the Nature.
Physical movement, Nature walk and Technology Fun is the primary motive to bring up on.

Game Story
Once upon a time, there were a bunch of gold coins and bars pirated from an ancient ship. The Pirates kept the treasures hidden in an Island cave and installed the island with many machineries.

The Island is installed with many modern weapons, machineries and auto-pilot shooting towers. All the houses, cages, rocks are electrified. They are your enemies.

Those treasures you need to find out from the Island for the social good will.

You will be provided with weapons like a Drone and a Gun to protect yourself from the enemies.


  • EyeLand
  • EyeLand
  • EyeLand
  • EyeLand
  • EyeLand
  • EyeLand
  • EyeLand
  • EyeLand
  • EyeLand
  • EyeLand

What’s New

The App name is changed from EyeLand. to EyeLand.
Also, the display name of the app from the binaries.

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