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*The* space flight combat simulator, designed for iOS, developed by Anchorite.

FLY like you’ve never flown before on iPhone and iPad with a full six degrees of freedom. Play it your way in either portrait or landscape.

TAKE HOLD with full support for MFi controllers or get up close and personal to be immersed with intense haptics and on-screen controls.

DEFEND your people against the oppressive COMMONWEALTH. ENGAGE in a selection of fast-paced missions and beautiful environments.

IGNORE THE ODDS and go toe to toe with swarms of fighters, frigates armed to the teeth or hulking capital ships. DON’T GO IN ALONE, bring your own elite fighter squadrons.

CUSTOMISE your fighter with an array of load-out options. BALANCE your choice of weapons, utilities and wingmen. Experiment with new equipment or get comfortable with favourites.

BUILD UP your arsenal with salvage from each successful run. EQUIP potent salvaged items to take on the heavily armed COMMONWEALTH fleets.

KEEP YOUR COOL and you’ll make it out alive. Getting wiped out means giving up on your current gear and loot. BAIL OUT early if things are looking tough and live to fight another day.


What’s New


Ok this week’s update has two major themes: Controller support, and Graphics.
I’ve talked about this informally before, but Interloper is coming to macOS and tvOS before the end of the year (hopefully it won’t be the only major release I do this year!) and in order for that to work, I’ve needed to make a couple foundational changes to the game.

The first big one is a full Unity Engine upgrade. I’ve gone from 2019.2 to 2020.1. It’s something I avoided doing prior to launch because of Unity 2019.3+ not quite being mature enough in my eyes, but something I knew I’d have to do eventually (mainly so I could get macOS Xcode support for unity builds… something that literally didn’t exist until 2019.3)

The good news: iCloud save sync works across iOS, iPadOS, tvOS and macOS now. (and works better than before!)

The mid news (mid news?): Unity also replaced their post process graphics pipeline from 2019.2 to 2019.3. This meant having to go back and redo all the games pretty bloom, colour correction and other screen space effects. No small amount of work, and nearly impossible to replicate the exact same look 1:1… so yeah Interloper will look a wee bit different from now on.
In my opinion it’s better, but It’s a look that hasn’t had nearly as long to refine or work out the kinks as the previous look. One major upside is that the new pipeline seems to be much more performant, and much less GPU intense than the old one, so yay!

The bad news? This is both taking a lot longer than I expected (always does) and will require a ton of testing before going proper-live. Testflight beta builds are already live, but whether I do a store release depends on that feedback.

The second big thing this week (yeesh I know.. more text) is that controller support has been given a significant amount of love this week in anticipation of both the platform ports, and the Control improvements update later down the line.

Essentially with controllers, during dev I tried to write some smart systems to handle indicator placement and auto scrolling in lists.. and messed them up. Today’s patch is a back-to-basics approach to controller support in menus. It should work more reliably across the board.

On top of all that I’ve rebalanced basic dogfighting to be a little less point at enemy and blow them up and more dodge and weave to fight enemy fighters

TLDR: Yeah some stuff changed, graphics are shinier, game performs a bit better.

Full Update List:

Gameplay Changes:

• Engine: Upgraded to 2020

• Graphics: New post process system
• Graphics: Move effect has been improved
• Graphics: Optimised post effects.

• Gameplay: Shield broken and regenerated visual effects.
• Gameplay: more pronounced plasma hit effects
• Gameplay: Reduced player auto cannon damage by 2pts across all auto cannons + vulcan
• Gameplay: reduced fighter spawns across the board in all missions
• Gameplay: Enemy fighter health has been increased slightly.
• Gameplay: All enemy fighters should now participate in more evasive manoeuvres.

• System: Apple TV is controller only. No siri remote

Bugs Fixed

• More improvements to issues around iCloud save sync
• Controller indicators no longer auto offset.
• Controller navigation improvements
• Enemy fighters rendered player scale weapons, and now render nothing.. this in theory should mean better performance across the board.
• All enemy fighters were simply orbiting the centre of the map? This is no longer the case.

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