Magic Fractals & Shapes 3D

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— Please note! —
This app is doing some heavy mathematical calculations in the
background which leads to high energy consumption on your mobile device when you’re
in the fractal mode. When you using the shapes, energy consumption is moderate.

— What Are Fractals? —
Did you ever hear about fractals?
Basically fractals are calculated out of particular mathematical formulas. You can
change the mathematical formula variables to achieve different visual results and create incredible beautiful pieces of art. This app has a collection of beautiful fractals which are
controlled by using a formula in the backend. You can swipe on the screen to increase
or decrease the fractal parameters of your choice to control the shape of your fractal.

— Realtime rendering of 3D fractals and shapes —
This app is a realtime 3D rendering software which allows you to discover the beauty of
some of those psychedelic looking geometries. The thing about geometric animations
controlled by the user is that it offers you a sense of control over the situation so you
tend to feel calmer and more relaxes.

— Relaxing Background music —
Indulge into a unique combination of adjustable fractals and soothing background
music. You can also try different color effects on fractals and try shapes like sphere,
rectangle, polymorphs and more in this amazing anti-stress game.

Are you retaining stress more than usual? Will you like to unwind and unclench on the
cues of a relaxing exterior stimulus? How about watching fractals and shapes change
their forms on your cues? The new fractals and shapes app enables you to view
realitme 3D fractals and shapes. The relaxation is completely based on geometry and
fractal mathematics.

Try Fractals and Shapes today!

Calm down and enjoy creating realtime 3D fractals. Get a cup of tea, relax and start
discovering. You can choose between:
– 4 different fractal variations (Kaleidoscopic IFS 1, Kaleidoscopic IFS 2, Kaleidoscopic
IFS 3, Kaleidoscopic IFS 4)
– a lot of different textures / colors for your fractal
– Adjust different parameters to change the form of your fractal
– video recording and screenshot feature

— Features of Fractals and Shapes —
– Simple and easy fractals and shapes relaxing app UI/UX
– Appealing app layout, clean design and stunning impressions
– Play with fractals and shapes simply by swiping on the screen
– Orient the fractals and shapes in different axis to get different results
– Try out new textures and designs on shapes and fractals for more fun
– Relaxing background music and interactive sound effects
– Effective anti stress app for youngsters and adults alike
– Option to render your own shapes/fractals and feel relaxed
– Save and load your own configurations
– video recording and screenshot feature

So, what are you waiting for? Download and use Fractals and Shapes today!


  • Magic Fractals & Shapes 3D
  • Magic Fractals & Shapes 3D
  • Magic Fractals & Shapes 3D
  • Magic Fractals & Shapes 3D
  • Magic Fractals & Shapes 3D
  • Magic Fractals & Shapes 3D
  • Magic Fractals & Shapes 3D
  • Magic Fractals & Shapes 3D
  • Magic Fractals & Shapes 3D
  • Magic Fractals & Shapes 3D

What’s New

This is new:
– Better UI flow (hide windows when touch outside the window …)
– Showing a short hint if you’re switching between Fractal and Shape mode
– Option to hide parameter slider
– Smaller bugfixes and performance improvements

Thanks a lot for using Fractals & Shapes 3D.

Do you have ideas for improvements or new features? Please send me a message using [email protected]
If you like the app, you would really help me with leaving a review – thanks a lot!

– Best regards Marvin

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