Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale

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Battle the likes of sozzled bearbearians and nuke-addled snotwolves to protect our glowing green world from the sweaty hands of the Uberlich! Krumit’s Tale involves the same core deck building mechanics as Meteorfall: Journeys and the same cast of overly optimistic heroes, but expands the ‘swipe’ mechanic into a dynamic grid based system. This means more depth and longevity – our heroes will have to choose perks to complement their deck-building strategy and carefully manage the board if they wish to triumph.

+ A follow-up to the popular mobile solo deckbuilding card game – Meteorfall: Journeys!

+ The brave heroes of Meteorfall return! Play as five different heroes – Bruno, Greybeard, Mischief, Muldorf, and Rose – each with their own cards and a distinct playstyle

+ In true roguelike fashion, each run is different! Your journey is built from 20+ unique dungeons, 25+ fully animated enemies, more than 50+ perks (passive bonuses), and more than 300+ cards

+ More than 30 achievements to unlock

+ Feeling competitive? Check out the daily challenge mode! Each day has a different set of modifiers which tweak the rules of the game in radical ways.

+ Mobile optimized gameplay. The game can be played one-handed in portrait mode and auto-saves frequently

+ Play across multiple devices with iCloud save support

+ Offline play. If you want to enjoy Krumit’s Tale on your daily commute or on an airplane ride – go for it! No online connection is required

+ Join an active community of players on Reddit ( and Discord (


What’s New

Introducing Explorer Mode! Struggling and need a little extra help? Customize the difficulty to your liking by adding a few buffs in Explorer Mode

Added Czech and Korean translations

Fixed a bug where Run History didn’t sync via iCloud
#1121 – Fixed an issue where player’s scores wouldn’t show up on the Daily Challenge scoreboard until later, as well as an issue where the rank shown was one higher than it should be
#1125 – Megaton no longer triggers Blessing of Magic
#1127 – Fixed an issue where a player’s name might show as ‘Uninitialized’
#1136 – Opening Settings no longer hides the score for the remainder of the run
#1145 – Blessing of Magic properly triggers Bounty
#1146 – The ‘Intelligent’ perk now works properly with the Boss Rush mutation
#1149 – Apprentice Cap no longer makes Megaton cost gold
#1152 – Dark Ritual no longer takes an extra health to use
#1158 – Cull can no longer be used against hidden enemies (Trickster, Jackals)
#1177 – Holy Fury no longer soft locks when acquired in ‘dual class’ Mutations

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    1.0.208 (Explorer)
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    Date: 2020-09-07 21:22 Version:1.0.208 (Explorer)  For iOS 13 
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