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Create elaborate supply chains of conveyor belts to feed ammo into your turrets, produce materials to use for building, and defend your structures from waves of enemies. Play with your friends in cross-platform multiplayer co-op games, or challenge them in team-based PvP matches.

Feature include:
– 24 built-in maps
– A campaign, complete with a tech tree and unlockable areas
– 4 powerful wave bosses to defeat
– Energy, liquid and item transportation systems
– 19 different types of drones, mechs and ships
– 120+ technology blocks to master
– 75+ different environmental blocks
– Cross-platform multiplayer via local networks or dedicated servers
– Custom game rules: Change block costs, enemy stats, starting items, wave timing and more
– A powerful editor, with tools to randomly generate ores, terrain, decoration and apply symmetry to maps
– Customizable map wave layouts


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What’s New

After more than 9 months of development, 6.0 is finally here. There have been far too many changes to reasonably list here, so I’ll go over the highlights.


– The unit system has been completely reworked
– All unit sprites have been re-drawn and cleaned up
– Many new unit types have been added
– Player-specific pads and unit-specific factories have been removed
– All units can now be created, commanded and controlled by players
– 3 different unit factories: ground, air, and naval
– Each unit factory can produce multiple types of units
– Units can be moved into special tiered Reconstructor blocks to upgrade them
– 6 unit branches: insect units, ground attack units, ground support units, air attack units, air support units, naval attack units
– Each branch has 5 tiers, making 5*6 = 30 buildable units
– Each core block has a special player-controlled flying unit type associated with it, resulting in a grand total of 33 total units


– Everything now takes place on a planet, where each hexagonal/pentagonal sector is a separate map that can be visited
– 260+ procedural sectors, with 16 special “landing zone” sectors
– Procedural sectors are optional for campaign completion, but landing zones are not
– Most sectors have a certain number of waves that need to be survived in order to capture them
– Other sectors may have enemy bases on them, which need to be destroyed for capture
– Each sector will produce resources in the background even when you play in other sectors
– Resources can be moved between sectors with Launch Pads
– Sectors near enemy bases will be periodically invaded unless the enemy base is destroyed
– “Global Resources” no longer exist – all research costs are taken directly from your pooled core resources
– More planets will be added in the future

New Blocks & Mechanics:

– Added upgraded 3×3 versions of the Silicon Smelter, Separator and Overdrive Projector
– Cores can now be upgraded to higher tiers
– Added “Segment” point defense turret – targets and destroys incoming bullets
– Added “Parallax” electric anti-air turret – pulls in enemy aircraft with a tractor beam
– Added “Foreshadow” long-range railgun turret, for taking down bosses and armored units
– Added “Tsunami” liquid turret – acts as an upgraded version of the Wave
– Added Plastanium conveyors – stack items together, move them with high throughput
– Added mud & dirt decoration blocks
– Added slag liquid floor, can be pumped to obtain slag
– Added space floor

Logic System:

– Added Processor blocks that execute commands in a loop
– Processors use a very simple assembly-like language
– Code can be written in-game with a visual editor, or imported from text files
– Processors are capable of performing complex tasks, such as controlling units, reading block state, disabling/enabling buildings and outputting text to message blocks
– Added Display blocks – can be used for displaying vector images from processors
– Examples of logic applications include automatic heat-sensing reactor controllers, unit transport systems, custom unit AI, visual power level displays, various types of games and more


– Added 4 new maps for custom games
– Added 5 types of weather: rain, fog, snow, sandstorm and sporestorm
– Each type of weather has a certain effect on blocks or units
– Added attack AI rule: when enabled, enemy cores will spawn units that build basic defense schematics
– Added map rules for fire, schematic use, enemy light visibility, unit ammo mechanics, explosion damage and more
– Added new filters in editor, to aid with procedural map generation
– Added new editor filter options

General Changes:

– Added more music
– Added more sound effects
– Added community server groups
– Improved most sprites and icons
– Many small visual improvements
– Made schematics save power node connections & message contents when copying
– Many, many small QoL changes
– A lot more stuff that I’ve probably missed

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