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Take care of a group of travelers on a post-apocalyptic road-trip across the United States in this turn-based survival game. Fight scary creatures, rescue stranded survivors, and scavenge for supplies like fuel, first aid kits, and weapons. Decide where to go next, whether it’s upgrading this wrecked car, or rescuing that dog. Just remember, there are consequences for every action. Get ready for close calls, dramatic escapes, hard choices, arguing about whether or not that dog gets rescued, and the end of the world.


– Always keep fuel in the tank. Stay away from the creatures. Be careful. Be quiet.
– Loud sounds attract trouble, and there’s no way you can fight them all. Grab as much gas as you can, rescue that trapped stranger, and get back in the car before it’s too late.
– Travel West, through grasslands, over mountains, across deserts, and to even stranger places. Every level, roadmap, and character is randomly generated, so each trip is new.
– Equip dozens of items, including medkits, shields, axes, potted plants, scavenged armor, and luggage racks.
– A completely new end of the world from Finji (Canabalt, Night in the Woods).


  • Overland
  • Overland
  • Overland
  • Overland
  • Overland
  • Overland
  • Overland
  • Overland
  • Overland
  • Overland

What’s New

– New dog type: Pug
– New level type: Rest stops
– New introduction and prologue
– 3 new difficulty settings
– 7 new gameplay modifiers including all-dogs mode, tourist mode, and expert settings
– Updated badges and stats display
– Browse records of past trips
– Dialog, item, and environment updates
– Improved save file management! New save file systems allows for multiple saves on the same iCloud account
– New menu options to access Game Center from within the game
– Improvements to cloud syncing to make sure games will restore back to the expected state on level restarts
– General improvements to touch interface on iOS devices
– Improved controller support for multiple devices
– Fixed crash that could occur when attempting to sync with cloud saves on game startup
– Fixed issue with games crashing over long play sessions
– Fixed crash from opening and closing the Organize menu repeatedly
– Fixed rare crash from equipping permanent items on characters in some situations
– Various improvements to performance and stability across the game
– Improved support for Siri Remote on Apple TV devices

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