Sword And Heroes

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Background Story

In 341 of star calendar,the 4th annular eclipse came and the demon lord returned to bring the blood and chaos to the world. The mankind kingdom suffered the attack from demon army. The human king lead the army to fight back and to protect their homeland. But the demon army came more and more because the dead human soldiers was turned into skull warriors by the necromancers. Finally, facing the great number of undead army and evil dark magic, the human kind died and the mankind kingdom had fallen.

Before the kingdom had totally fallen, the king’s guard brought the king’s heir away from the battlefield. The fire of hope did not disappear. Saving the strength again, mankind will have the power to fight the demon lord. As the child of light, human’s last hope, the prince/princess took the remain army to escape the pursue from demon lord. After wandering through a forest, they found a city standing on a mountain top. The prince/princess decide to build the city, train the army and unite the other species for expelling the demon lord and bring back peace to the land.

Game Briefing

Sword and Heroes,A Brand new SLG game will bring you a exciting magic adventure experience. Players will clear up the mist, seeking the unknown area, summoning the ancient spirit, training the most powerful army and building the glory city! The game restore the mystical exciting campaign game-play and bring pleasure of the traditional SLG!Besides,there are multiple PVP Royal City Battle. You can lead the heroes and army to battle in the land and finally govern the quartet become the conqueror of the land.


  • Sword And Heroes
  • Sword And Heroes
  • Sword And Heroes

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