Tales of Memo

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Tales of Memo is a memory game where you accompany Memo and his friends on a journey through a frozen landscape, battling enemies by solving memory puzzles.

Find pairs of matching spell numbers by opening chests on the board and use them to attack and inflict damage on your enemy.

Pick the numbers wisely and combine them to inflict as much damage as possible before they unleash one of their attacks!

Tales of Memo will challenge your memory skills and your reflexes in your quest to help Memo get his memory back!


  • Tales of Memo
  • Tales of Memo
  • Tales of Memo
  • Tales of Memo
  • Tales of Memo
  • Tales of Memo
  • Tales of Memo
  • Tales of Memo
  • Tales of Memo
  • Tales of Memo

What’s New


The king needs you to further banish the curse of his frozen realm.

In Chapter 2 of Tales of Memo, a purple wisp has unleashed new monsters throughout 40+ original levels with brand new mechanics, in new lands with enticing music.

Also, the more courageous and skilled will complete the new challenge mode to unlock 2 new Side Worlds, where they will be put to the ultimate test.

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