The Almost Gone

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Experience the intricate dioramas and connections of your life, and the ripples we all make, in this award-winning narrative puzzle game.

Poised between life and death, isolated and alone, you must unravel the poignant truths that led to your fate.
Dig beneath the beautifully rendered façades and interiors of an ordinary suburban lifestyle to discover a contemporary tale crafted by an award-winning author.

Piece together this compelling story by revealing objects and memories, and decipher these clues to reveal more of the story and its secrets.
From your own home to eerily deserted streets, beautiful apartment blocks to abandoned hospitals, you must search forensically for clues and the path forwards.
Each new revelation takes you that one step closer to understanding, and to the people and places that surrounded you, in your all too short life.

Why are you here?
Why are you trapped and alone?
Will you ever move on?

• Experience an emotional and immersive story written by award-winning author Joost Vandecasteele
• Explore every nook and cranny of each beautifully rendered diorama
• Play through five compelling chapters, with each revealing more secrets and twists that will lead you to the truth
• From an unassuming sitting room, to a tent in a forest, from a police car in a tree to an abandoned hospital, a hauntingly different suburbia is yours to discover
• Carefully optimized for mobile devices


What’s New

Added features
– Players now have the option to scale up the in-game UI text.
– Players now have the option to choose between swipe and button controls.
– Pressed items will now be highlighted for a short duration.
– A map of each area is now available. A minimap is added to the UI that doubles as a button to open the map.
– The screen orientation on iPad will now update when changing the device’s orientation (left or right).
– Players can now swipe over the entire width of the screen to rotate tiles, and over the entire screen when movement is handled by buttons.

– Fixed an issue where players needed to click twice on an object to open a text balloon if one was already open on a different object.
– Fixed TV breaking every time a new session is started in act 1.
– Players can’t proceed from the basement area without completing the puzzle anymore.
– Fixed a bug where sometimes a textballoon didn’t hide when moving to a new tile.
– Fixed hearing an other tile’s audio when canceling a tile transition.
– Fixed incorrect zoom bubbles appearing in the patient wing when canceling a tile transition.

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    Date: 2020-09-01 13:22 Version:1.3.2  For iOS 13 
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  • Price: $11.99

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