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Imagine that in a certain country the intelligent hacker created a dangerous computer virus that he sent to a random person. 
This person unconsciously sent a virus to his friends and they sent to other friends in other countries and on other continents…
If you want to know the expansion of this virus, choose:
– country where this mysterious virus infected first computer
– specify the features of this virus: percentage of computers damaged by the virus, number of computers infected by 1 computer, etc.
On this basis, the algorithms will calculate and show on the map the day by day expansion of this wirus in the world.
You will see how many people’s computers will be infected, how many of them will be damaged, and how many will be recovered.

The simulation of VirusX expansion is a mathematical model whose algorithms perform the following calculations and simulations:
– in the selected country – first infected computer will appear on “day 1”
– after 14 days it infects another, e.g. 3 computers (you specify how many)
– after another 14 days, out of these 3 computers, 2 computers will recover and one will be damaged (you specify how many will recover and how many will be damaged); moreover, each of these 3 computers will infect another 3 computers, so in total new 9 computers will be infected, etc.
– 30 days after “day 1” – VirusX will appear in other countries on the continent
– 45 days after “day 0” – VirusX will appear in other countries on other continents
– you will be able to define how many countries around the world will be affected by this VirusX.
– because the app knows how many people are in each country and in the world, therefore the VirusX expansion will end when the number of infections reaches the maximum population level you set in% (according to actual estimations ~30% of human population has computer with access to Internet).

– at the end of the simulation you will see a dynamic presentation of the VirusX expansion on the map and on the graph.


  • VirusX Expansion
  • VirusX Expansion
  • VirusX Expansion
  • VirusX Expansion
  • VirusX Expansion
  • VirusX Expansion
  • VirusX Expansion
  • VirusX Expansion
  • VirusX Expansion
  • VirusX Expansion

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