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12.4 or later


A highly playable and extremely flexible “echo centric” multi effects processor. Echo Pad is capable of an endless range of sounds including authentic dub echo, crystal echoes and multi-tap delay, to chaotic self-oscillating analog delays and bit crushed mayhem.

Compatible with Audiobus 3 including full state saving, Inter-App Audio, and USB audio interfaces. Control Echo Pad’s parameters via MIDI and sync to external MIDI clock or IAA clock for beat synced delays. Guitarists will appreciate features like delay ducking and gated feedback.

Effects include: Tape Echo, Shimmer Delay, Oil Can Delay, Multi-Tap (up to 6 taps), Stereo Delay, Decimator, Flanger, Distortion,Smooth Filter, Loopers and more.

>SmiteMatterMusic: “Echo Pad is so innovative all around. I never knew just how much I needed this until I had it in my hands. I recommend giving it a try.” (

>Jordan Rudess/Wizdom Music: “This is a super fantastic – extremely trippy effects app, which harnesses the power of an iOS device to offer you control that is only possible on a multitouch device. “

Process live audio from nearly any input source, including Audiobus and Inter-App Audio compatible hosts such as Auria and Cubasis, use the built in mic, professional audio interfaces such as the Apogee Jam, Apogee MIC, iRig HD, and more. Guitarists can use our effects live by connecting the output of their audio interface to an amp.

Visit our YouTube channel for demonstration videos and tutorials on Echo Pad.

More info:

Check out our entire FX series including Caramel, Crystalline, Stereo Designer and Swoopster!

• requires iOS 12.4 or later
• iPad Mini/iPad 2 or newer recommended (performance may suffer on older devices)
• iPhone 4s/iPod 5 or newer recommended (performance may suffer on older devices)
• Audiobus 3 compatible (Effect, state saving )
• Inter-App audio compatible (effect node)
• Compatible with DAW apps such as Auria, Cubasis, and Garageband
• Import/Export from AudioShare
• AudioCopyPaste 2.0 compatible
• Core MIDI compatible


• Supports Audiobus 3.0 state saving, Effect slot
• Inter-App Audio compatible (effect node)
• Stereo input and effects processing
• Control Echo Pad via MIDI
• Sync to external MIDI clock for beat synced delays
• Realtime analog style delay/looper
• Delay ducking and gated feedback
• 18 Effects
• 60 factory presets + save custom presets
• Multi-touch XY control of effect parameters + stereo panning for expressive control
• Automate effects parameters using the Motion Looper.
• Sound on sound looper with feedback control for creating layered loops on the fly
• Dual mini scratch loopers – record a loop, then scratch like a turntable
• Universal app
• Select presets via MIDI program change

• Works with headphones as well as most iOS and professional USB audio interfaces including:
• Apogee Jam
• Apogee Mic
• iConnectMidi 2+
• iConnectMidi 4+
• iRig
• iRig iMic
• Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (*requires USB hub)
• Apogee ONE (*requires external power thru USB hub)
• Apogee GIO (*requires external power thru USB hub)
• many more

• Audiobus 3.0 (Effect, State Saving)
• Inter-App Audio compatible (effect node)
• supports “Import/Export to AudioShare” functionality.
Loops and recordings created with Echo Pad can be exported directly to the AudioShare app for easy audio file management.
• supports new AudioCopyPaste 2.0 for sharing loops and recordings made within Echo Pad, as well as playback and process pasted audio from other apps using Echo Pad in realtime.
• recordings & loops are also exported to iTunes File Sharing for access on your Mac/PC

  • Echo Pad - Delay FX Processor Screenshots

  • Echo Pad - Delay FX Processor Screenshots

  • Echo Pad - Delay FX Processor Screenshots

  • Echo Pad - Delay FX Processor Screenshots

  • Echo Pad - Delay FX Processor Screenshots

  • Echo Pad - Delay FX Processor Screenshots

  • Echo Pad - Delay FX Processor Screenshots

  • Echo Pad - Delay FX Processor Screenshots

  • Echo Pad - Delay FX Processor Screenshots
  • What’s New

    • Various bugfixes and improvements.


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