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100VJ is a VJ app for beginners to advanced players.
You can immediately output video from HDMI or AirPlay.
Connect to your projector or monitor and get started with VJing.

~ Features ~

-Modern and fast drawing with multithreading and full Metal render pipeline
• Metal is Apple’s next-generation Graphic API that works synergistically with the unified memory of A-series chips for incredible performance.
• The render system, which is independent of the UI system, is not easily affected by screen operations and enables smooth drawing.

-Smooth synchronization with the OS built-in photo album
• Import from file app is also possible

-Overlapping 3CH chain effect
• 3-axis parametric effect with XY pad and Z slider
• Audio sync effect
• BPM sync effect

-Input sources other than common assets such as photos, videos, GIFs, etc. (Playables)
• Camera input
• Aether client with another 100VJ in the local network as the input source
• Text display
• Countdown

-Other useful features
• Real-time output recording function
• Automatic switcher, auto BPM detection from microphone input
• Transition effects, slideshows
• Settings such as resolution and frame rate (Press and hold the gear icon to display the setting screen.)
• Control from MIDI, Network MIDI

-Wireless output
• NDI® sender
• Aether H.264 codec real-time server
• Connect to Siphon (Requires Mac with Aether Syphon installed)


The manual is available on the support page.
We have also set up a forum so that you can actively use it.
-> https://sites.google.com/view/100vj/home

Beeple’s VJ loop is used in the screenshot of the App Store. (CC license)
-> https://www.beeple-crap.com

100VJ is not copyrightable in content created using 100VJ.
Use it sensible to use any asset.
You can create original images using the recording function, playback function, and effect function.

If you would like to use it several times, please evaluate it.


  • 100VJ
  • 100VJ
  • 100VJ
  • 100VJ
  • 100VJ
  • 100VJ
  • 100VJ
  • 100VJ
  • 100VJ
  • 100VJ

What’s New

Fixed Navigation Bar behavior in several playable assets.
Added documentation and forums to the support page.
Please see the link in the description of the App Store.

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    Price: $1.69

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