Copterus for DJI drones

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Autopilot flight app for DJI drones.

* Area Mapping *
For orthophoto and 3D reconstruction. Draw custom polygon, set altitude, tune overlaps and you are ready to fly with just one tap.
Use Copterus app to capture aerial images and process them with your favorite photogrammetry software (Metashape, WebODM, Pix4D, DroneDeploy, MapsMadeEasy etc) to get orthomosaic maps, elevation and terrain models (DEM, DTM).
– Automatic grid or double-grid flight planning based on camera parameters
– Estimates for GSD, flight time, number of photos and batteries
– Multiple flights for massive areas
– Custom start/finish positions
– Pause mission and move backwards to retake some photos
– Automatic takeoff or start mission after manual takeoff
– Plan beforehand and try any DJI drone and camera to fit your mission
– Land, hover or return after flight
– Go Home on connection loss or continue mission

* Waypoints Mission *
For smooth and repeatable time-lapse videos and photos (even seasonal time-lapse), photo reports from the same exact positions, search and rescue operations, aerial monitoring and video surveillance.
Tap desired locations to draw a flight path. Set common mission params, then tune points’ altitude, heading, gimbal position and add some actions.
– In-point actions: wait, take photo, start/stop video, rotate aircraft (yaw), set gimbal angle. Up to 15 in each waypoint)
– Round-repeat waypoint actions up to 15 times
– Custom actions timeout
– Point-to-point or curved flight path with adjustable turn radius near each point
– Ability to control drone’s speed with RC joystick during automated flight
– Set autospeed to 0 and move drone with RC joystick along its planned path – just like a cable camera
– Ability to continue mission in case of RC link is lost
– Auto-repeat mission up to 15 times
– Go Home on connection loss or continue mission

* POI Mission *
– Add point of interest (POI) to waypoint mission

* Drones and Batteries Management *
– All system states and info, errors and warnings
– Batteries health info. Checked and saved on each connection, available anytime
– Multi-battery support
– Save your drones and batteries to track state

* Weather and Sun *
– Hourly weather forecast with wind warnings
– Sunrise and sunset time

* Appearance *
– Fahrenheit or Celsius
– Feet or meters, miles or kilometers
– All screen sizes from small 1st-gen iPhones SE to big 13″ iPads
– Portrait, landscape, upside down, downside up
– Light or dark mode

* Icing on the Сake *
– No logins
– No ads
– No subscriptions
– Unlimited missions to plan, save and fly
– Unlimited drones and batteries to save and monitor
– Easy safety settings
– Seamless data sync between all your iOS devices using iCloud

* Supported DJI Drones *
– DJI Mavic series: Air, Pro, 2 Pro, 2 Zoom, 2 Enterprise
– DJI Phantom 3 series: Standard, Advanced, Pro, 4K
– DJI Phantom 4 series: Standard, Advanced, Pro, Pro V2, RTK, Multispectral
– DJI Inspire series: V. 1 (Pro, RAW), V. 2
– DJI Matrice series: 100, 200, 200 V2, 210, 210 V2, 210 RTK, 210 RTK V2, 300 RTK, 600, 600 Pro
– DJI flight controllers: A3, N3
– DJI Agras with A3 controller

* Supported DJI Cameras *
DJI Zenmuse X3, X4 S, X5, X5 R, X5 S, X7, XT, XT S, XT2, Z3, Z30, H20, HT20

* Other DJI Drones *
– Mavic Air 2 support estimate in December 2020
– DJI Mini 2 support estimate is unknown

* Not Yet, Coming Soon *
– No Fly Zones
– KML import/export

Please check Copterus app website for more info, discussions, support and tutorials:


  • Copterus for DJI drones
  • Copterus for DJI drones
  • Copterus for DJI drones
  • Copterus for DJI drones
  • Copterus for DJI drones
  • Copterus for DJI drones
  • Copterus for DJI drones
  • Copterus for DJI drones
  • Copterus for DJI drones
  • Copterus for DJI drones

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