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FocusFinder quickly and precisely calculates and shows the Depth of Field (the sharp area) and the Field of View of a photo or video. This allows you to take even better pictures and let’s you achieve stunning effects like a beautiful bokeh for a portrait or a perfectly focused landscape shot. FocusFinder includes almost every camera available (and we will add yours within 24h), so you can get started right away!

You enter the values quickly with the sliders, or manually, for even more precision. Then, you can immediately see what your depth of field will look like, in the big, beautiful graph. Slide some value to see exactly how the depth of field will change! FocusFinder shows both the sharp area (as the orange graph), as well as a visualization of the blur circles around it. This allows you to judge the sharpness and bokeh easily.

If you are a pro, FocusFinder will be at your service with its more advanced features. Add all your cameras and quickly switch between them. Use precision modes for pixel-perfect photos. You can add presets, to get perfect results even quicker, and the hyperfocal mode if you always want everything sharp.

FocusFinder calculates every number you need! This includes:
– length of your depth-of-field
– near and far ends of the sharp area
– hyperfocal distance
– angle and width of your field of view (in FoV-mode)

Further Features include:
– Included Database – almost all cameras on the market today are available, and we will add yours within 24h if it’s missing *
– You can add all your cameras and switch quickly between them
– Precision modes allow you to customize the calculations to your situation (e.g. High-Definition Stills, Video, Crops)
– Landscape mode for even more precision
– Support for metric and imperial units
– Background pictures (only for the iPhone) to visualize the current distance range
– and counting! We’re always working to improve FocusFinder for you.

* Just drop us a hint from inside the app, and we will add it the same day!


What’s New

This adds a quick-select button that let’s you choose from all your cameras, with one tap!
Otherwise, it’s just bug fixes for this one. Stay tuned for more!

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