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We love perspective! And to share our enthusiasm with everyone, we have developed Gimbse. Gimbse offers the perfect alignment of your camera without complicated post-processing or additional technical equipment. How it works? Very simple: Take a picture – done. The unique Perspective Assistant always keeps an eye on the shooting situation and takes care of the detail work in real time. So you can fully focus on your subject.

Also profit from the intuitively designed interface of the great and professional functions with which the Gimbse camera app makes your pictures even better.


The Perspective Assistant ensures that your pictures are always straight, no matter from which angle they were taken. But “straight“ doesn‘t just mean that people stand upright in the picture and the horizon is really horizontal. With the help of the various modes, you can freely choose which additional perspective tools you want to use for your subject. Perspective alignment has never been so easy!

• Horizon
It automatically does what many photographers usually do by hand or with gimbals: Hold the camera straight.

• Automatic
Let the Perspective Assistant automatically select between Architecture and Horizon modes to avoid extreme distortion at the edges of the image.

• Architecture
The mode for professional architectural photography – the perspective is automatically corrected to avoid falling lines.

• Gallery
In Gallery mode, photograph vertical or horizontal surfaces exactly from the front, even though the situation only allows a sloping shooting angle. The magnetic axis makes alignment easy and very accurate.

• Easel
For inclined surfaces such as flipcharts, screens or simply easels, there is also the Easel mode with the practical magnetic angle.

• Rectangle
With the magnetic frame, you can shoot rectangular objects of any kind as if they were taken from the front and crop them in their original proportions, (almost) regardless of the shooting angle.

• Calibrate
Also use the Calibrate mode with its magnetic axes to achieve even more precision in aligning your photos. Once performed, the calibration is always maintained.

• Deactivated
With this you can also take really skewed pictures.

• Automatic
• Spot

• Lights
• Automatic
• Spot
• Lock

• Cold
• Neutral
• Warm
• Spot
• Lock

• Ultra Wide Angle (if available)
• 20 mm (if available)
• Wide Angle
• 35 mm
• 50 mm
• Telephoto Lens (if available)
• 80 mm
• 135 mm
• 200 mm
• 300 mm

• Color (in gradations)
• Black & White
• Blue Filter
• BW Neutral
• Red Filter

• Empty
• Frame
• Crosshair
• Grid
• Golden Section
• Golden Spiral

• Square
• 7 : 6
• 5 : 4
• 4 : 3
• DIN A Format
• 3 : 2
• Golden Section
• 16 : 9
• Superscope
• 21 : 9
• CinemaScope

FILE TYPE (iOS 13 and higher)
• L97JPEG 8 Bit
• HEIC 8 Bit
• TIFF 16 Bit(high memory requirement!)

With the practical reset button, you can quickly reset Gimbse at any time to be ready for the next snapshot. Configure Gimbse conveniently in the settings. You can also have a comparison image saved for each shot. This shows a before/after comparison between the captured image and the version created by Gimbse.

Have a look at the incredible new design possibilities Gimbse can offer you and why we say with enthusiasm: We love perspective!


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What’s New

• NEW FEATURE: The location data can now be integrated when saving photos.
• The preset focal length is loaded directly when opening the app.
• All images are now saved without a signature, so in-app purchases are no longer required.

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