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Helioseek tells you everything you need to know about the Sun. If you are a photographer, filming, or just looking for a new sunny picknick spot – Helioseek has got you covered.

With Helioseek‘s AR view, you quickly see the Sun‘s path throughout your day – or for any other day, if you so choose. With a single tap on the camera image, Helioseek will start reverse calculations that tell you exactly when the Sun will be at a certain spot. This is awesome if you want to take that one perfect picture, with the sun perfectly lighting up your spot. If you found a shot that you like, you can save it to view it later.

Helioseek‘s beautiful Sun Map let‘s you plan ahead for every spot on earth. You can easily see where the sun shines at any time. On top, Helioseek also shows you the Sunset, Sunrise, and the Golden and Blue Hour right on the map. Set the date with the simple slider or by using the date picker, and find out how the sunlight changes during the year – live, without any waiting times. You can quickly find any place on earth with the integrated search, and view the map in three distinct styles.

For Photographers and Videographers, sun light can be the key to gorgeous shots. The golden hour is perfect for warm, dreamy portraits. The blue hour, on the other hand, is a great time for night photography with gorgeous dark blue skies. Helioseek tells you exactly when the golden and blue hour will occur – both in the app, and with the best sun widgets in the app store. If you‘re just starting out, Helioseek includes a helpful Tutorial that tells you everything you need to know about sun light. Dive into the details as a pro, with calculated values for zenith and azimuth, and a beautiful display of how long shadows will be.

Helioseek includes six different Widgets that tell you everything you need to know about the sun – right on your home screen. Widgets show the sun‘s path, times for golden hour, sunset, and blue hour, or a gorgeous color clock.

The sun’s path and natural light have never been easier. Get Helioseek today!


  • Helioseek – Sun AR & Map
  • Helioseek – Sun AR & Map
  • Helioseek – Sun AR & Map
  • Helioseek – Sun AR & Map
  • Helioseek – Sun AR & Map
  • Helioseek – Sun AR & Map
  • Helioseek – Sun AR & Map
  • Helioseek – Sun AR & Map
  • Helioseek – Sun AR & Map

What’s New

This is Helioseeks BIGGEST UPDATE YET.
Helioseek 3 is here, and it’s packed full with free new features!
– Reverse Sun Calculations! Simply tap on the AR view, and Helioseek will calculate when the Sun hits that spot in the next year.
– Updated Interface. We re-built the interface to be even easier to use, and even nicer to look at.
– iPad Support. With our new interface, we took the chance and made everything work on iPad. The huge screen really makes Helioseek shine – and helps you plan shots better than ever.
– Map Search. You can now search for locations from the map screen! Just tap the magnifying glass and enter the location you want to search.
– 3 new Widgets. Get the new “What’s next” Widget to quickly see the next sun phases. Or take our beautiful color clock for a spin on your Home Screen.

Check it out now!
If you enjoy Helioseek, please leave us a review! It really helps us out and keeps new updates (like this one) coming for free!

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