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7.0 or later


CoachMyVideo’s Pro Version: Ultra-Zoom+, Slo-mo 60/120/240 FPS* high-speed video capture & frame-by-frame playback, Email+ full-quality HD video-sharing, AirPlay HDTV mirroring and remote control from any Bluetooth connected headset/remote — for anyone demanding Professional-Grade Video Analysis tools that area also EASY. By Coaches, for Coaches™

CMV’s Video Analysis Pro enables Anytime, Anywhere Video Analysis™ with features easy to learn and easy to use:

*60/120/240 FPS video capture is not available on all iOS devices:
– 60 FPS video capture in iPad Mini/Air & iPhone 5+ (not available in the built-in video recorder!)
– 120 FPS video capture in iPhone 5S & iPad Air 2 and newer devices
– 240 FPS 720p & 1080p 60 FPS on the iPhone 6/6+/7/7+

– STOP+ added for easier “video-selfie” with the remote: take multiple clips; saving only the ones you want to keep.
– Pause between recording video clips; even retake before merging into a single video before saving the last clip! E.g: Capture a swing from multiple angles and email them in a single HD video.
– High-res.Image-Capture from your video in Full HD Resolution

– Lossless Zoom & ULTRA-Zoom on the newer devices
– Video Capture in HD or lower resolution to save storage space, or in high bit rate iFrame modes for more responsive playback/video scrubbing or other video editing apps

– Frame-by-frame & slow-motion video analysis at all frame-rates (FPS)
– Draw/mark-up your video in our telestrator
– Coach / Chalk-up on-line REFERENCE VIDEOS *without* leaving the App
– Video Flip / Rotate: turn a righty into a lefty for easier comparison. This also works on the reference videos!

– Open Videos directly (no waiting) from:
– – -> Email: hold down your finger on the attachment.
– – -> other video-storage apps -> e.g. Dropbox (Favorites) into CMV

– Email+ PRIVATE video-sharing, up to FullHD; also email videos 3-minutes or longer
– Stopwatch function: easily easily time splits, etc. on a video
– NEW: record 10+ split-times on the screen. Get the whole race in on one image!

– Remote control for easy access to the Camera or for Film-room Playback
– AirPlay Mirroring: control your video on HDTV wirelessly from the palm of your hand for group presentations / video coaching / film sessions

– Professionals Coaches: customize your iPad’s home page: your own branding for client presentations – contact us for more info
– CMV gives INSTANT-access to Camera Roll & Photo Albums (no waiting for video-import) and instant access from your Dropbox/other storage apps, such as GDrive.

–> iPad: side-side comparison with sync-playback
–> iPad: side-side comparison with YouTube Videos, including from your own channel!!

CMV requires access to your Camera Roll (video access):

Slow-mo – Golf Swing Analysis – Baseball – Basketball – Football – Soccer – Softball – Tennis – Track & Field – Racquetball – Volleyball – Hockey – Lacrosse – Rowing / Crew – Rugby – Swimming – Triathlon – Running – Cycling – Weightlifting – Boxing – Fencing – Martial Arts – MMA – Wrestling – Archery – Shooting – Bowling – Fishing – Skating – Skateboarding – SCUBA – Diving – Water ski – Skiing – Snowboarding – Cheerleading – Gymnastics – Ice Skating – Curling – Music – PDHPE Instructors – Physical Education – PE & Physics Class – Equestrian – Dog Agility Training – Scouts – Sports Camps – Recruit / Scout – Biometric Analysts – Gait Analysis – Form Review – šport analyze – Remote Control

GoPro & SD-card video cameras:
Want an App to use with your GoPro camera? Video Analysis Pro is an excellent companion to the GoPro Camera: for capturing the perfect shot at full-resolution

CMV provides easy, efficient & effective video communication and training tools for instructors, coaches and the athletes.

We welcome all questions, comments, requests & bus. development ideas.

[email protected]

  • CMV Pro: Frame-Frame Video Analysis - CoachMyVideo Screenshots
  • CMV Pro: Frame-Frame Video Analysis - CoachMyVideo Screenshots
  • CMV Pro: Frame-Frame Video Analysis - CoachMyVideo Screenshots
  • CMV Pro: Frame-Frame Video Analysis - CoachMyVideo Screenshots
  • CMV Pro: Frame-Frame Video Analysis - CoachMyVideo Screenshots
  • CMV Pro: Frame-Frame Video Analysis - CoachMyVideo Screenshots
  • CMV Pro: Frame-Frame Video Analysis - CoachMyVideo Screenshots
  • CMV Pro: Frame-Frame Video Analysis - CoachMyVideo Screenshots
  • CMV Pro: Frame-Frame Video Analysis - CoachMyVideo Screenshots
  • CMV Pro: Frame-Frame Video Analysis - CoachMyVideo Screenshots
  • What’s New

    — added newer devices for high-speed video recording to enable our advanced STOP+ modes to help capture those photo finishes.

    — fix for the angle degree number bug that popped up with the iOS 10 updates.
    — removed one of the record buttons on the iPad that was causing a crash in v4.3 and newer

    Thanks for your interest in CMV! Please keep the email feedback coming! And if you really want to make our day, we appreciate the 5* reviews!!

    — iOS 10 updates
    — iPhone users: check out 3D touch on the icon!

    CMV Pro unlocks all of the high-speed video recording modes for your iPhones & iPads: 240/120 FPS on the newer iPhone/iPads!

    — We enabled 1080p 120 FPS video capture for the latest devices.
    — iPhone users: we added Selfie-Zoom for a quick look in the “mirror”
    — iPhone 6s users: we added short-cuts! Use force-press to open last video, go straight to record or to access our new one-handed zoom-selfie mirror!
    — Some iOS 9 debugging

    — new Bluetooth remote-control features: audio/visual feedback

    Previous versions:
    — We added color options in the telestrator — thanks for that request, Coach Wes!
    — For the iPhone, look for the color dot in the menu.
    — For the iPad, the color of the drawing tool can be seen in the top-left when you are not in Zoom-mode.

    v3.0 & 3.1:
    — We enabled 1080p 60 FPS video capture for iPhone 6/6+ users, in addition to 720p 240 FPS! This is a fantastic video-recording capability that alone makes it worth upgrading to one of the latest iPhones, but be sure to get plenty of storage/memory for the larger files
    — We improved the UI for all of the video recording options
    — Open-In was debugged and fixed for the iPad in iOS 8
    — Back by popular demand: we re-enabled the tab so you can cut/paste a direct URL link to access your own on-line videos and we save the last URL. (Thx for the notes, Chris!)
    — Plus more iOS 8 debugging
    — Also: Slo-mo is 1/4 speed on iPhone when video is recorded at 60+ FPS
    — Improved Video Recording


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