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Apple Watch:
Oleg Levkutnik
12.0 or later


The application My Kite now combines the maximum functionality necessary for your favorite sport:
– calculation of equipment sizes
– GPS tracker for recording races
– Altimeter for recording the height of jumps
– Track player for analysis of action
– Importing tracks from other devices (*.sbp, *.sbn, *.gpx, *.tcx)
– Exporting the video from player to social networks
– Weather forecast for given spots on the map
– Notifications about suitable weather forecast for 1-3 days
– History of activity and export to Facebook

My Kite – it is a realistic tool for customizing your sports equipment! You specify your weight and level of training, and get the recommended sizes of equipment depending on the wind speed. The application uses new formula calculations, as close to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Format sizes: boards in centimeters, kites in square meters.
Now this is not just a helper in choosing the right size of equipment for specific wind conditions. MapKit framework was added to application for working with maps and the history of your actions is also preserved!
The level of training supports two modes: amateur and expert. Expert mode provides a 10% larger kite, as with increasing your level, you will improve control over equipment and you’ll need a little bit larger size to jump higher;)
The app lets you save all your equipment in the table. In this case, you can immediately see the most suitable set for the present weather conditions.
Take into consideration that the calculation corresponds to the averaged data. It is impossible to take into account the abilities of each individual rider. You can always take a larger or smaller size of the equipment. It relates to the size of the board because it is very individual, especially when the level of your preparation increases. This will depend on your style of riding, for example, you can take the bigger board than recommended and thus it will be enough to get smaller kite. In any case, we will respond to your comments and suggestions for improving the program and add new features to it.

IMPORTANT: This application is not intended for beginners because in the training stage it will be better if experienced instructor chooses equipment for you!

This app may use your location even when it isn’t open, which can decrease device battery life.

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  • My Kite Screenshots
  • My Kite Screenshots
  • My Kite Screenshots
  • My Kite Screenshots
  • My Kite Screenshots
  • My Kite Screenshots
  • My Kite Screenshots
  • My Kite Screenshots
  • My Kite Screenshots
  • My Kite Screenshots
  • What’s New

    – upgrade for new os
    – some improvements
    – added best gybe recognizer for racers



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