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14.1 or later


Try the best volleyball scoreboard app in the store!

VBall ScoreMaster allows you to keep the score yourself so you know when a scoring mistake was made. You have the only correct score. What happens when that single person loses track of the score? What if they’re distracted and forget a point or two? Now everyone has the wrong score and nobody knows the real score!

Look at what people are saying:
5 STARS “Great app! Easy to use! This app is awesome! I use it at all of my kids volleyball matches” by NuRt96
5 STARS “All of the effects are really cool and I like that you can keep track of everything so easily.” by Meg316730
5 STARS “Super easy to use, works great! I use this to keep score at my son’s games and text stats to update his father.” by DWWS4891
5 STARS “This is a great app! I use it all the time for my kids and I love it!” by Disguy2237

Volleyball is a fast-paced sport and you need to be able to keep score with the minimum of distractions. You want an app that lets you keep track of the score, send notifications to someone about what’s happening in the game, and do so with a clean, modern look.

VBall ScoreMaster is THE way to keep a volleyball game score. Its many features include:

– MODERN interface and flat colors that takes advantage of new iOS features.
– LARGE, easy to read numbers.
– COLORFUL background score colors that you can choose. Make each score match the team’s school or uniform colors.
– COLOR themes, choose from one of the three included themes: regular, dark, and colorful.
– FLIP numbers up and down like pages in a book.
– SWAP score sides when the teams change side. It’s easy, just flick the score with your finger and the score boxes will fly across the screen!
– TRACK actions for your player; you pick the actions and they’re included in the text message!
– CREATE your own actions to track; customize it to fit your needs.
– NOTIFY anyone you’d like with a text message whenever a tracked action happens or at anytime you tap the VBall. You tell VBall ScoreMaster what the player’s name is and what number to text. It will format a text message that you can send. No more missing the action while you try to write out a text message!
– ALWAYS UPDATED so you know you’re getting an app with cutting-edge features.

  • VBall ScoreMaster Screenshots
  • VBall ScoreMaster Screenshots
  • VBall ScoreMaster Screenshots
  • VBall ScoreMaster Screenshots
  • VBall ScoreMaster Screenshots
  • VBall ScoreMaster Screenshots
  • VBall ScoreMaster Screenshots
  • VBall ScoreMaster Screenshots
  • VBall ScoreMaster Screenshots
  • What’s New

    Updated to include all privacy features available in iOS 14. BaraLabs does NOT track you! We value your privacy as much as you do and we would never violate the trust you’ve given to us. This version includes all the features you’ve come to love in VBall ScoreMaster with a focus on user privacy and ease of use.



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