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An alarm clock with a timer that can measure the excess time.
When you start the timer, you will be notified of the elapsed time at regular intervals.
The countdown will start just before the end.
The end signal sounds, but the timer does not stop.
Continue to measure the excess time until you stop.
* This is an example of timer settings.

In the world, like an exam, you may be required to get results within the specified time.

From the beginning, it is difficult to clear those two, so
Practice repeatedly until you can do it exactly
And training to shorten the time is required.

It is an application that is useful for such work.

It is a timer that can be used for a little training.

It also has a time signal function.
You can also select the start time and end time of the time signal.

This application is a version of “A.Clock” with a time signal and timer added.

A large and easy-to-read alarm clock.
Since it is a horizontal screen, the operation buttons are large …
So there is no mistake in pushing.
A simple and easy-to-use alarm clock.
Since the display is large, you will not make a mistake.

A powerful alarm clock with adjustable strength.
Talk about time and elapsed time.

For customers who are charging their iPhone in the middle of the night
How about as a watch to put on your bedside?
Equipped with an erroneous operation prevention function.
Even if you touch it unexpectedly in the middle of the night, the set time will not change. You can use it as a watch with confidence.

Of course, you can also close the app and use it as an alarm clock.
Using the notification function of iPhone,
We will notify you by voice or sound.

Have you ever fallen asleep and stopped your alarm clock and were late?

This application can not stop the alarm clock easily.

Please match the pictograms and stop the alarm clock.
Align the patterns and tap STOP.
Then the alarm clock will stop.

This application has been devised to prevent forgetting to set the alarm clock and making mistakes.

The next alarm clock time is displayed at the top of the screen. The time zone is displayed.

In addition, a notification will be sent every day at 20:00 to confirm the alarm clock settings for the next day.

Precautions for this application,

* If you leave the alarm on the lock screen for 30 minutes, the alarm will not sound from the next time onward.
In that case, please launch the app.
(When you start the app,
The next alarm will be reset automatically. )

* For customers using Apple Watch

Sorry for your inconvenience, but please select the notification tab from the Watch app on the top page of the iPhone and set it so that the “A.Clock” notification is not forwarded to Apple Watch.

If it is not set, the notification will be forwarded to the Apple Watch side and the app will not work properly.


What’s New

Changed to notify the excess time every 5 seconds for the first minute only.
The system has been readjusted.

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