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IP Scanner Ultra bundles our award-winning Mac and iOS apps together, along with a brand-new Apple TV app. Scan your local area network to determine the identity of all machines and internet devices on the LAN. Powerful results, yet easy and intuitive to use. It’s like a level 9 detect devices spell for your network!

Key features:
* Extremely fast scan results
* Customizable results – assign your own names and icons to discovered devices
* Save and consult past scans
* PING, Wake on LAN and Port Scan tools built right in
* Option to open a device in browser, VNC or other applications
* Save and import custom device lists, or sync via iCloud
* Sort network list by device name, IP address, MAC address or Last Seen
* System level notifications for newly discovered devices and changes in device state
* Add custom network ranges
* Import/export scan results via email or bonjour
* Clean, professional design that is super easy to use

IP Scanner is available for free.

The free version has no restrictions at all on functionality and can identify up to 20 devices at a time. To unlock unlimited devices in a scan, we offer an in-app upgrade to Pro.

Whether you’re a casual home user or a network professional, IP Scanner is all about customizing the way you view and analyze your network. You may apply custom names and icons to the devices on your network and adjust the type and amount of information you see in the network overview; don’t need to see the MAC address column… don’t display it! Text too small… make it larger! We also include a whitelist feature that lets you filter out known and trusted devices to reveal new or unexpected ones, a great way to easily identify unwanted network visitors.

IP Scanner can be used in several primary modes such as:

* A quick overview of which devices are currently on the network, including seeing which devices are actively and passively present
* A “Cumulative Mode” that shows network changes over time, including options to display devices which were once present but now no longer visible.

Still not sure if IP Scanner does what you need? Try it free with our standalone iOS and macOS trial versions of IP Scanner, check out our FAQs at http://10base-t.com or contact us directly. We always love hearing from our customers. We use our own tools daily and strive to make the best possible IP Scanning utility available – let us know what features you’d like to see!



Eric Redlinger
15.0 or later


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