Long alarm 2024

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hideo nakamura
14.4 or later


This is the 2024 version of the talking alarm clock.
The time will be notified every 5 minutes for up to 120 minutes.
Especially recommended for those who don’t like mornings or lack confidence!
Strongly supports waking up in the morning.

If used at the same time as “Talking Alarm 2024”, it will become even more powerful.

Generally speaking, the human sleep cycle is 90 minutes.
When you’re in a deep sleep, there’s no point in playing sound.

No matter how much you play your favorite music, it’s no use.

But for 120 minutes, which exceeds your sleep cycle…
What if your alarm keeps ringing, even if it’s intermittent?
What if the time continues to be notified every 5 minutes?

This app alone is not a very powerful alarm clock, but
It becomes the strongest when used at the same time as “Talking Alarm 2024”.

If you still feel like you don’t have enough time, please use “Talk Alarm 202X” together.

You can wake it up lightly with “Long alarm 2024” and then definitely wake it up with “Talking alarm 2024”, that’s how it works.

The time when two alarm clocks overlap is extremely lively.

People who can’t wake up in the morning even though they get enough sleep…
If you are not confident in the morning, please try it.

You can tell the time just by listening without looking at the screen.
Also, since they speak repeatedly, you won’t miss anything.

The way to stop the alarm clock is to match the pictures.
Match the top and bottom pictures to stop the alarm.
App features

Touch the screen to display the menu.

Function 1: Alarm clock

An alarm clock that tells you the current time.

You can set the start time of the alarm, the day of the week, and the difficulty level of the game when stopping the alarm.
You can set up to 8 alarm clocks.

Function 2: Confirmation function

When you close the app, you will be notified of the next alarm time.

You will also be notified of the alarm confirmation at 8pm.

We paid particular attention to visibility, design, and operability.
There is no other alarm clock like this with pink plaid pattern.

You can see at a glance when the next alarm will sound.

Notes on this app:
*Only the alarm clock function uses the voice notification function of the iPhone/iPad itself.
If you do not allow app to notify you,
The alarm function will end when you close the app screen.

If you are in silent mode and have suppressed the notification function on your iPhone/iPad
Please note that there is no sound.

This app provides voice notifications of the time at 5 minute intervals for up to 120 minutes.
It is assumed that it will be used in conjunction with “Talking Alarm 2024”,
I think it’s a good idea to set an alarm one hour before the time you want to wake up.

*If you leave the alarm on the lock screen for 120 minutes, the next alarm will not sound.
In that case, please launch the app.
(When you start the app,
The next alarm will be automatically reset. )

*For customers using Apple Watch

We apologize for the inconvenience, but select the Notifications tab from the Watch app on the top page of your iPhone.
Please make settings so that “Long alarm” notifications are not forwarded to your Apple Watch.

If left unset, notifications will be transferred to the Apple Watch and the app will not work properly.



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