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  • Identifier me.lightmann.msgswap
  • Added Date 31/05/2020 20:37
  • Updated Date 20/02/2022 15:31
  • Depends mobilesubstrate, firmware (>= 12.0), preferenceloader
  • Description

    A more accessible way to send photos in iMessage.

    Version History

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    • Download MsgSwap version 15:31
      Architecture iOS
      MD5 f3e73b124435d2891846fc7f610b9955
      SHA256 c2a33bde291ed15e57a4209ec9c7846cb2c8eaf95f10e4b6eeeb3240c2dc5078
    • Download MsgSwap version 14:03
      Architecture iOS
      MD5 bfd356806f3a4069ae9e32a28484cce0
      SHA256 17cdac3d342c10d1d468550509d5ba6fdf49570ef848ce4f5f5f7665a5369372
    • Download MsgSwap version 2.0.420/05/2021 15:28
      Architecture iOS
      MD5 c6444fb6995790e099a308679f54283f
      SHA256 be88f94ff4f0f2497ed01be4763d7a96f63f3bf3a0f9582b15929304d54f4541
    • Download MsgSwap version 2.0.322/03/2021 19:24
      Architecture iOS
      MD5 8fa80bf045f7db7be7ac0dce163b0bf6
      SHA256 fb69f39cb7540c6e799633a2dddfc7a94a6aedfc28ae83f1d116a944e77b29e3
    • Download MsgSwap version 17:56
      Architecture iOS
      MD5 a1e48fa1df7c48ff86c9a6ac5cde3984
      SHA256 de4eff626a8058aec97f48bd2f16bccedeebd8ad268ead626d30c47b25459b38

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