DarkAuxo(CC & NC)

by admin

  • Identifier com.dgh0st.darkauxo
  • Depends mobilesubstrate
  • Free package
  • Added Date 29/06/2017 17:40
  • Description

    Makes Auxo LE dark, works with regular CC and NC (iOS 9 only) as well.

    Version History

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    • Download DarkAuxo(CC & NC) version 0.0.429/06/2017 17:40
      MD5 10914c45c963837dbe4bcc54b18e8979
      SHA1 b704bb6846df67b3ceb3f23f18fac7605f33c4c2
      SHA256 0ba347d09a4e73558b34dd3ac87a995a1bae7af8b1adfd83f67739259bcb207b
    • Download DarkAuxo(CC & NC) version 0.0.229/06/2017 17:40
      MD5 cf4523bce740c06d9e9607392bbee0d4
      SHA1 b8a740e0cbe5607e64c09999b4df87705e8603a9
      SHA256 5f2eb1f7a6225bf5b6043e02115f0b05225015a4074e988c4a18033ff23bedf8
    • Download DarkAuxo(CC & NC) version 0.0.129/06/2017 17:40
      MD5 678ddfafad448bf00cd9d1306b6a5090
      SHA1 c3f8c7339f250159bfa094da126b68350bbffbd5
      SHA256 8c1b6c26f213e26794d3860d2133c4128c42787b5f226c7581a8bda2f71ecb01

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