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  • Identifier com.dgh0st.nohometaponhs
  • Depends mobilesubstrate
  • Updated Date 22/11/2019 06:46
  • Added Date 29/06/2017 17:40
  • Description

    Disable the home button press on springboard/homescreen.

    Version History

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    • Download NoHomePressOnHS version 0.0.322/11/2019 06:46
      MD5 7a66a3f0096ccc88ab669aabd212ca73
      SHA1 a46d095822dad57846641923e239312003b17447
      SHA256 3c2498b05066360f5fee3fc918cf1edc3e9ec655e4a7cad8fc65c76ba4764c3f
    • Download NoHomePressOnHS version 0.0.229/06/2017 17:40
      MD5 12e2cc52f148ff5ee1f8f4095172ee0b
      SHA1 8383fd5a775c4970079ba4c02bac25747b57eb65
      SHA256 f2e97ecad82026b07f5e5ac42408714944334b7004bac7e9763e95747b3c9aa5
    • Download NoHomePressOnHS version 0.0.129/06/2017 17:40
      MD5 97fc769cb83de9a95c97e3c1c64476db
      SHA1 52d5548196c9109ee505e6755aa7bcbac0dfc447
      SHA256 d5696f9a290a23ca68daacac17b67b14359ce34a2acad874f39fdd17a84e8dcd

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