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  • Identifier com.icraze.translucent3dmenus
  • Added Date 13/10/2020 00:38
  • Updated Date 09/01/2023 00:30
  • Depends mobilesubstrate (>= 0.9.5000)
  • Description

    Make the 3D-Touch menus translucent!

    Version History

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    • Download Translucent3DMenus version 1.009/01/2023 00:30
      Architecture iOS Rootless
      MD5 52e5acf8b64e3f597bc3583d11e65d62
      SHA1 629c4eb4503d40b1aff94b9fe16ac78296549a6f
      SHA256 d2b918a8cbabe93415d8bfb586c19de882799ca31f1786930e5b5b2bbf347ee7
    • Download Translucent3DMenus version 1.013/10/2020 00:38
      Architecture iOS
      MD5 7710a8a41ccc564ae063aaf83162ed36
      SHA1 b02ce2663877ea5aec96680418b31ee6f0c51c19
      SHA256 5c75fb684f6c7f330413b895ee55ffa2ad41a9a7a64d75ed13ff23a3f4a1f0f2

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