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  • Identifier com.icraze.transparentshortcuts
  • Added Date 29/08/2021 23:41
  • Updated Date 09/01/2023 00:30
  • Depends mobilesubstrate (>= 0.9.5000)
  • Description

    Make the shortcuts widget have a transparent background

    Version History

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    • Download TransparentShortcuts version 1.009/01/2023 00:30
      Architecture iOS Rootless
      MD5 78dc5a88e0a9a2d868ee217c97bc18f2
      SHA1 3be08ba083cebd875fb91970030b46b7d8f806f7
      SHA256 092c97e5b610f15a67a288b1bbfd64bafec8e0c3ce38ac6f6a656e263c5495a9
    • Download TransparentShortcuts version 1.029/08/2021 23:41
      Architecture iOS
      MD5 532faea956d84b9a116150d5fb21dbb4
      SHA1 e0c110d0c0b76e9ee52fb5579b30207b25760fa5
      SHA256 d671d2dc367140079a7673faf0e80cc5c82162e821b71b210803b1d885b0b7e0

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