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  • Identifier com.icraze.ytstockshare
  • Added Date 21/10/2020 13:36
  • Updated Date 06/06/2021 21:20
  • Depends mobilesubstrate (>= 0.9.5000)
  • Description

    Replace YouTube’s share sheet with the default iOS style!

    Version History

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    • Download YTStockShare version 1.306/06/2021 21:20
      Architecture iOS
      MD5 a68b62c82e858ee7857637a7504ea563
      SHA1 abfced0315628c8e752d36041879846281a49e0d
      SHA256 b3d1a9f4ab017cfbb86fe32c6faca32b3d40eb6cdf96951f6342a7a00ece1e2b
    • Download YTStockShare version 1.221/10/2020 21:22
      Architecture iOS
      MD5 020f0ed3a3886726cb91dbfb84aa7b30
      SHA1 a8ee4b0cc922292dfdac355f6f6935225ce532c7
      SHA256 a64960157484268eb2d328bc428827d30ea760f761b98fc1b667454ac787fa32
    • Download YTStockShare version 1.121/10/2020 13:36
      Architecture iOS
      MD5 ce6a453c58b023c5f33bb8ceb749f37c
      SHA1 df40a6f4ee5eb6a33ac94d165c40f25b16cbaf8d
      SHA256 10212a0e7d641143dfc03676352df49032507fa14b8b64ef312c87687eaf359c
    • Download YTStockShare version 1.021/10/2020 13:36
      Architecture iOS
      MD5 4c76ebd43a4c742e77b7ae2202620d62
      SHA1 66863a1182c0a882a304cadb3c75a91d7babb7ca
      SHA256 d96219d1594142d880aa9090a8aff59edb15d0fbf11a1ff45ed4d6c4bfa2d4bb

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