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  • Identifier com.junesiphone.hidestatusbars
  • Added Date 27/02/2018 14:01
  • Updated Date 21/11/2022 20:30
  • Depends mobilesubstrate, preferenceloader
  • Description

    Hide LS and SB statusbar iOS8 – iOS15.7 on devices without a notch

    Version History

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    • Download hidestatusbars version 0.2.121/11/2022 20:30
      Architecture iOS
      MD5 e30b40d49e1ba548665afc04e9f14a3b
      SHA1 d314f4c71e6d319cdd308b8374e2edd5f1b245c7
      SHA256 7662af51110295628e7c80585c6d88f63d7d1636dd76d0627da9feddc2f9a6f6
    • Download hidestatusbars version 0.214/07/2018 01:17
      Architecture iOS
      MD5 a1a347bcc64d25b357517db2a442b41d
      SHA1 3b943bf978d331e341a525e0c7a9c3bfa17629f0
      SHA256 fa513cade2b4c63063a9ea595e1fd67f11ba8269375673679156dbdc6d8b8549
    • Download hidestatusbars version 0.127/02/2018 14:01
      Architecture iOS
      MD5 d3ea538a6845c22bd17668d9afdbcadf
      SHA1 690559410e2852624537ce9306ef9a20f8468105
      SHA256 8c2ed8cf0cffceda35a2c12cba0730909bd13258b81cbc0d95d17bbe174d7cf0

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