by admin
  • Identifier com.junesiphone.nosblandscape
  • Added Date 12/04/2016 01:12
  • Updated Date 01/03/2019 08:16
  • Depends mobilesubstrate
  • Description

    Tweak to disable homescreen rotation only

    Version History

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    • Download NoSBLandscape version 0.0.301/03/2019 08:16
      Architecture iOS
      MD5 81a310b9358be258a79b4c294818290a
      SHA1 329bdec724cf778ca76d5907790a2b74460252d3
      SHA256 3a449f7ea3606fdb00d06b8566b95496a817f33df1ba1769b60896546e322fd6
    • Download NoSBLandscape version 0.0.212/04/2016 03:51
      MD5 1da6264c407996c4a37bff0168a4df84
      SHA1 c287e5f38f34446208be4c2af25b409f6ef83e5b
      SHA256 97bd7a216d4b52fad83443abd25cb171f3ecf6919ec55ab05689263f7187d7bd
    • Download NoSBLandscape version 0.0.112/04/2016 01:12
      MD5 e10f418ce2e93b6460f6244a7c145c23
      SHA1 27ce13658f6dc319b7c9e332a59d0ef9f7e72c10
      SHA256 6766f9e2fe7ecbea961504b3940f466a90edc4c957d556075c73dbe314a1e13c

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