OPW Clear

by admin
  • Identifier com.junesiphone.opwclear
  • Added Date 08/09/2016 00:32
  • Updated Date 15/10/2016 02:01
  • Depends mobilesubstrate
  • Description

    Hide dock, page dots, and disables rotation for One Page Widgets.

    Version History

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    • Download OPW Clear version 0.0.415/10/2016 02:01
      Architecture iOS
      MD5 88819f590002d9ce0b78a76726b3ba52
      SHA1 30b37e0d3f48d3570b790c6f348ba5d67e27a46f
      SHA256 c7dab7a4aee1abc79cb2631ae00fa344f6af21de33ada5567aec6b17d3b325e5
    • Download OPW Clear version 0.0.315/10/2016 00:31
      MD5 640cc055b9e88b28fe0d6882d1d9ba4a
      SHA1 7c859e6758a66699a732aff62ac905427ef3b475
      SHA256 e9698c459042f4276bd7d1867b63b00d8596d47eeaee086e42e80b5f9cf3f3a4
    • Download OPW Clear version 0.0.208/09/2016 04:37
      MD5 9e80500275af370a2e25320fa6ab149f
      SHA1 596fc61bce87cacd5f66588019bd522a627997fe
      SHA256 23e9de3c68316654e231d5b6ae30bc7f7ad44fcf904cb43fb996120c527bdb1b
    • Download OPW Clear version 0.0.1-408/09/2016 00:32
      MD5 7c38e6504730cc02ada138eb79894bc7
      SHA1 7092363e972b71dd0f6ebaf6b84612c0e282a7ea
      SHA256 0cab09975e4c67d72e275093e3b30b8e3cf9eec5714319da13c1de5ed5b35656

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