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  • Identifier net.angelxwind.mobileterminal-applesdk
  • Pre-Depends firmware (>= 3.2), dpkg (>= 1.14.25-8)
  • Depends bash, coreutils, ncurses, system-cmds
  • Updated Date 06/12/2021 20:05
  • Added Date 30/05/2019 08:45
  • Description

    A Terminal emulator. This is a Terminal emulator for the iPhone. With it you can do all of your standard system administration tasks from anywhere:SSH into remote boxes, download files, edit configuration files, whatever.

    Version History

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    • Download MobileTerminal version 521-karen-206/12/2021 20:05
      MD5 fb2e35fd8ee6fe53963dd65fd659174c
      SHA1 c9da4581484e70761e440ac7a8e5b7e64c44497c
      SHA256 1ad7e0d6c8cc90c546b8a63df85c5694a1bd2f4d6b150612183944ec7fe34a64
    • Download MobileTerminal version 521-karen-229/11/2021 04:00
      MD5 40736616486f7064228d513f306ec069
      SHA1 f9ade88fd04959e2ac57379df997d0b960893f89
      SHA256 aac4eb6c97960e2294e6f62b663083de63456d0490de7e50cacecaa5c389c41a
    • Download MobileTerminal version 521-karen-219/09/2021 10:52
      MD5 b4cef2318e17bb6c813a0eed2725c814
      SHA1 7211716fed39127d9a9b1213c6d86ddc363dbbec
      SHA256 55a8edee4c8d82d2e4c439198f7557be6866e85ca450c2ed64be3a3964fdd485
    • Download MobileTerminal version 521-karen-228/07/2021 21:25
      MD5 760af0afa156ba741a251aff073b1b97
      SHA1 8ce612571fae5c3b1fbff6742d0456fce8f237ee
      SHA256 3610692227c893dbc264bcb7aa787e78bf6dc959933e2a5d91dc41c2e71c32a0
    • Download MobileTerminal version 521-karen-202/06/2021 00:20
      MD5 ed7d7d5bfb342f7aa77cbf259a3d474a
      SHA1 def10f35e6c1eaf66c1c03dcf0b0b7f3ed0a7109
      SHA256 bcda5ed67212eaaea6d9d36b4ae44e3cc776c4bfb4d29239fbf71bb604291f82

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