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  • Identifier me.luki.amelija
  • Added Date 07/05/2023 04:35
  • Updated Date 30/09/2023 11:55
  • Depends mobilesubstrate, preferenceloader, com.mrgcgamer.libgcuniversal
  • Description

    Take full control of your wallpapers on the fly

    Version History

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    • Download Amēlija version 2.030/09/2023 11:55
      Architecture iOS Rootless
      MD5 d0ded6118272ea7e9c09936d356ba652
      SHA1 c53b71aefce34c146bf489c25b6dc188219d03f8
      SHA256 c10517d6962e242964f4df7c9ce10fa33e1b7487d6e6bdf4e8056c9217ee6c52
    • Download Amēlija version 2.007/05/2023 04:35
      Architecture iOS
      MD5 0b27ac70428e03ae97ad633290d9a21e
      SHA1 5d179f105eceac2799f37448781f3ff83ec1b162
      SHA256 9b2e9154ad4942ed5e39e95ca7a0130f48115cc731fc96e7207f864cf92bdd32
    • Download Amēlija version 2.007/05/2023 04:35
      Architecture iOS Rootless
      MD5 49fbfe777c4091816dfc53ecbbf64750
      SHA1 f1a0524304bb62e4aa654134622a3a0d5d595f49
      SHA256 45d041bda0cdf8d941ff36768b89b5444498fc6b6551728b8d0ebecc3f2604fa

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