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  • Identifier com.nicho1asdev.nonotch
  • Pre-Depends firmware(>=11.0), mobilesubstrate, com.rpetrich.rocketbootstrap (>= 1.0.6), applist
  • Updated Date 17/06/2020 19:28
  • Added Date 20/04/2020 02:55
  • Description

    Hides the notch on iPhone X and above. Updated for iOS 13 and arm64e by nicho1asdev, originally made by jakeashacks. Issues may be present.

    Version History

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    • Download noNotch version 1.2-b1017/06/2020 19:28
      MD5 adc1e743e2099d68fe9f8c5f217ebd0f
      SHA1 b885fdeda18a1589d2b4e656f9d0f707eaba3dd1
      SHA256 074dad8d8e0f185daf9a1d3e4645071ba06e615fc3bd993fbe89d53e5ebaf44a
    • Download noNotch version 1.2-b905/06/2020 01:41
      MD5 ca5b6ed69211f6ab003eb2a1ffdd4a8b
      SHA1 e9bba514da3195244234cee373362bf71e225400
      SHA256 1b5473168030f31be076a291d6bbef440ec52c94d3e7aeb04e7eceaf2fbdb355
    • Download noNotch version 1.2-b814/05/2020 20:57
      MD5 36f4a31cef53a592a5a7277e8d75579d
      SHA1 6138d592dfe04d3adeb067d3d045e0c99b7a9d06
      SHA256 2d65f22fef3407059a75b07783ad9fd42dfa835e33f599f95051645834b597ca
    • Download noNotch version 1.2-b712/05/2020 11:32
      MD5 808d0e40e01e6473905c84cc2025cb5f
      SHA1 faac26faaf584ca826e511b6321f5bc99018354c
      SHA256 f1a204939688bbddea0b7a4b6d56d194cc8321a3c36c4d18adb2e550bcf5b494
    • Download noNotch version 1.2-b509/05/2020 17:18
      MD5 bdd418149a280a48fde9787231b990f6
      SHA1 9876b48d7e69270a83560ba509cbf964698f78f7
      SHA256 85924e39fc3fee47d671d836d3c154d2d4126180108730c6ed5026343ced61e9

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