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  • Identifier com.nicho1asdev.reachtolockx
  • Depends mobilesubstrate, ws.hbang.common (>= 1.11)
  • Updated Date 07/02/2021 13:55
  • Added Date 08/06/2020 00:12
  • Description

    Replaces the reachability gesture to lock the device instead. @itsnicho1as on Twitter.

    Version History

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    • Download ReachToLockX version 1.207/02/2021 13:55
      MD5 30e1b4c7fc057e6b1d92259de13cb476
      SHA1 1c23f60edcd0eb38917840dfa14099af57f6ba54
      SHA256 1aceff76f87d09c70e2a2bf34c5f34abcc039eb77cc0bd2146f76680e9eb0a05
    • Download ReachToLockX version 1.109/06/2020 15:05
      MD5 33db88995fc6fe02494b19d1f64dd5b5
      SHA1 aed028efbcb84fce5735e5abb25df4a29a516ff8
      SHA256 8e6ff7958800f9b2c055e81412840eeef424ff857e3e5cfa4b4e95e2d3c6505a
    • Download ReachToLockX version 1.008/06/2020 00:12
      MD5 ae3053c5e1c1c41773d230c9e5afc484
      SHA1 3ad195cc32dd8dfff4aed30ebab93020a834915e
      SHA256 170f83940602caa7c8fb40a9de985979e47678c00c415cec9696febfe0a54785

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