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  • Identifier com.imkpatil.longtimer
  • Added Date 18/04/2023 00:15
  • Updated Date 19/05/2023 23:00
  • Depends mobilesubstrate
  • Description

    Make the timer run longer!

    Version History

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    • Download LongTimer version 1.019/05/2023 23:00
      Architecture iOS
      MD5 0aafd29fe939bdd6f58324f6411eaea7
      SHA1 3dbdde9be7adbaa9573b69ad48db39c92c1a6890
      SHA256 ff8a00cfc80266e30dd1f04edd7bbdbf1f19a1802a762a8d5bff0e72b5e70538
    • Download LongTimer version 1.019/05/2023 22:15
      Architecture iOS
      MD5 326c15bd0864dff79bb1f5c7537c9600
      SHA1 0498428412f51f3204af16978571edf3ff9c2ccf
      SHA256 6e5dada5559ed60954e02cac91647eb0ae41f5d9888bf10409c27291834a5a5e
    • Download LongTimer version 1.018/04/2023 00:15
      Architecture iOS
      MD5 cddd3238d9188e5b9916a1cfabfbe59a
      SHA1 5cd4e3c1db72babe7d2f0fe63f7c21aaeeba4763
      SHA256 a1bb29b4fe68e2aea690071ce731ae91b1d98bc58a58ad90580ab8a27515d1fa

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