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  • Identifier com.p2kdev.modernsettings
  • Added Date 18/04/2023 00:15
  • Updated Date 19/05/2023 23:00
  • Depends mobilesubstrate
  • Description

    Modern look for the Settings App!

    Version History

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    • Download ModernSettings version 1.019/05/2023 22:15
      Architecture iOS
      MD5 e4321ae637eebfa6571d5f30875bedae
      SHA1 7e8b64f8c7faf1e7c3d15adc5c27b540b5822fa3
      SHA256 1facf24aa6cbbed89c120c689ce47d377783d4a2157776d34cf4faab158f76ae
    • Download ModernSettings version 1.019/05/2023 23:00
      Architecture iOS
      MD5 46e8093b05682a3ca3aa9cf9181579f6
      SHA1 ac9671f1f0ccbef219d97742d40b171ce9e8f869
      SHA256 a3021b54ed0a7e82e9472df91a056e6542ed37599ab4b0048895a19a4903c946
    • Download ModernSettings version 1.018/04/2023 00:15
      Architecture iOS
      MD5 1f3a76ddbee11c7cef8315ce0a993dc6
      SHA1 240a00d5c42257066976ce0480faa477b73a8005
      SHA256 b1ac674f4d02075c50152aea4278956e0e8389da2973d9e79b25c88d03bde922

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