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  • Identifier com.ikilledappl3.noshutter
  • Depends mobilesubstrate, firmware (>=10.0)
  • Updated Date 18/10/2019 15:46
  • Added Date 16/10/2019 23:16
  • Description


    Disable the Shutter Sound and Burst Mode Sound for the camera app.

    Version History

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    • Download NoCameraShutter version 1.0.2-118/10/2019 15:46
      MD5 8732940fb19657139721e9b3438e0df0
      SHA1 4b582c57b760e10e7c51c18698842672b5b210ab
      SHA256 2592200bae7bb389c1e936c137cecc179540775cce949ada74afd5fc0d2c2efd
    • Download NoCameraShutter version 1.0.1-116/10/2019 23:16
      MD5 114f64c7dde00e54a9b8ecc2bcc06492
      SHA1 f98e0bc4195b3c400773a40136d9452a86bc86db
      SHA256 f5aa29dd8f89a4a93473c0b5a9224afe83a77cc27d1c56533eeebdfa2b0e79f5

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