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  • Identifier : com.pixelomer.tweakreviews-db
  • Updated Date : 24/10/2020 18:24
  • Added Date : 11/05/2019 22:31
  • Author : PixelOmer
  • Description

    Review and rate packages! TweakReviewsDB is a tweak that lets you review packages and mark them as working or broken in seconds! You can use this tweak to share what you think about a package for others to see. This is a direct replacement for tweakCompatible which supports Cydia and Zebra. Requires iOS 8.0 or higher.

  • Download TweakReviewsDB version 0.6.1 24/10/2020 18:24
    MD5: 6e40e25909ae4eb759070a08813aa234
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