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  • Pre-Depends firmware (>= 7.0)
  • Depends mobilesubstrate
  • Conflicts gsc.ipad
  • Warning This package seems to be offline.
  • Added Date 27/08/2015 03:44
  • Description

    iPad camera UI, for iPhone/iPod. iOS 7+.

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    • Download CamPad version 1.0-127/08/2015 03:44
      MD5 08ae4a6d7ed4b97e6f25e7fa096c16c5
      SHA1 244e61268c5d450ceaa2ac39bf364ccbe63305ed
      SHA256 8aa40a7e5a6f1f2b86de799dd6f31b2b53fd742ebf071f18a23f95b07c575654

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